The Trust
Registered Charity No. SCO21169
Sir Charles Maclean of Dunconnel, Bart
Objectives and Activities
The Trust operates in partnership with NHS Highland within the Hospice Inpatient Unit in the Cowal Community Hospital to provide services for the control and relief of pain, particularly for terminally ill patients.  NHS Highland provides the premises, staff and care and the Trust provides the specialist equipment and volunteer support.

Through its team of volunteer drivers,  the Trust provides a Patient Car Transport service to hospitals and other treatment centres throughout the West of Scotland. The drivers are unpaid although their costs are reimbursed.

The Trust runs a shop in Dunoon,  which is entirely staffed by volunteers.

From time to time,  the Trust also provides bursaries and scholarships to permit health care professionals to extend their knowledge of and to receive training in palliative care.
The Trustees
Dr S. Brennan (Chairperson)
Mrs A. Lauffer (Secretary)
Rev D. Mitchell (Treasurer)
Mrs L. Drummond
Mr A. Lothian
Mr G. Lynn
Mr W. A. McIntyre
Mrs S. McKechnie
Mrs S Rennie
Mr J. Ross
Mrs M. Shearer
Cllr J. R. Walsh
The Story of the Trust so far

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1992 to 1997 - the basic hospice is opened
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1998 to 2003 - the day hospice is opened
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2009 to 2011 - changes to the layout of the hospice
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2015 - "CHATS” - Cowal Hospice and Therapy Services
comes into being
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Thanks to all those who have helped over the years
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The Patient Car Transport Service
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Training in palliative care
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Finally thanks to all those who have contributed in any
way to the Hospice