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Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to providing medical care and support for people with life-limiting  illnesses.  It focuses on improving the quality of life for both patients and their families through the prevention and relief of symptoms,  and by the treatment of pain and related physical, psychosocial and spiritual problems.

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'CHATS' - Cowal Hospice and Therapy Services

Palliative care in Cowal is provided by a number of interlinked services.

The Day Centre provides a range of creative and complementary therapies,  counselling, spiritual and well-being services.

The Cowal Hospice and Supported Care Inpatient Unit provides symptom control, respite and end of life care in a calm and comfortable environment.

In the community setting,  care is provided by your local MacMillan Nurse, by Community Nurses and Nursing Staff operating within the NHS, with  support from GPs and a wide range of other health professionals.

The teams in Cowal work closely with specialists in the acute hospitals in the Greater Glasgow area with the objective of providing as much care in the locality as possible.

Our Patient Car Transport service is provided by a band of volunteer drivers who transport patients from all over Cowal to and from hospitals and care centres in Greenock, Paisley, Glasgow and Clydebank.

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